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About Carol

I love designing especially wedding, what it symbolizes and all that it brings!  As a wedding and event planner and designer my goal is to bring the vision of the client to life.  Knowing that each bride and event is unique and that there is no chance of “do over”, my goal is to assure that each client brings its own experiences to the process of planning.  My creative and odd mix of talents makes me somewhat uniquely different in that problem solving accelerates my gifts into full bloom. I am extremely detailed and organized but also creative which balances out my desire to please my clients knowing that it is not about me nor what I like but rather it is about the client and reflecting there unique style.  


I am known for being able to handle difficult situations – and working under pressure.  I pride myself on being a positive influence and believe in treating others, as you would like to be treated which creates a great level of trust with my clients.  I consider it an honor to have been chosen to be part of each client’s wedding or special event and  do not take your decision lightly.  Overcoming challenges, using my creativity, meeting and working with all kinds of people and companies is rewarding and refreshing.


PERSONANLY:  I absolutely love spending time with my family and going on vacations, especially the ones alone with my husband.  He keeps me grounded, smiling and happy, which is one of the reasons I love weddings and what I do.  I believe family is the roots to happiness, which is one of the reasons I love seeing unions joined together.


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